Objectives of Kalari
  • To focus on under emphasized Folk Art Forms and Culture of the marginalized and oppressed Folks, the little traditions of yesterday & today.

  • To establish the identity of people of this culture, like the Dalits, Tribals and other ethnic groups so that they will be helped to participate in the global democracy

  • To look for and foster the liberative potentials of these cultures so that transformation cause of the world may be promoted

  • To inculturate the universal values such as love, justice and peace in these traditions for mutual benefit and initiate appropriate social education programmes.

  • To develop education and training modules on the burning socio economics through the folk dances, folk dramas and folk songs to empower the marginalised and vulnerables, particularly women from dalit and tribals.

Main Office

Kalari Folk Cultural Centre
Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu - 620203.
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